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Time Mastery Vs Time Management

As much as 75 percent of the time you spend at work is probably a waste of time. That’s right. 75 percent! If you’re looking to the exploding field of time-management tools for answers, you’re only wasting more time. After all, you can’t manage time. The only thing you can truly manage is what you do with your time.


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I’m just returning from a 2 week vacation in San Diego and wanted to say Thank You because I was able to take 2 weeks off and with the help of my team and the systems that you have taught me over the years we still were successful in closing 45 units for 10.5 million.
RJ Crosby

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I Increased production from 2 loans a month to 20+ loans a month in less than 24-months by learning to create a system to handle more volume with 40% less time spent per file. This has lead to being named the top branch in my company and one of the top FHA producer's in the country!
Linda Davidson

Time Mastery Resources

Assistant System
The complete system for hiring and working with assistant's.

The Assistants System 3.0 is an updated approach to not only hiring an assistant, but learning to delegate effectively, integrate best practices through systems and processes, and ultimately build an efficient team that will take your origination business to the next level. Learn from Todd Duncan and four Top Producing loan officers based on their real-life origination experience.

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Monthly Webinar
Each month Join Todd Duncan for an exclusive webinar

Topics are chosen from the most pressing issues facing loan officers each month. Stay ahead of the curve and get practical and relevent strategies designed for your business each month.

Plan Your Time
Maximize your business and reduce your workload

Top performing loan originators who get the most done, and who earn the most money, don’t work harder, they work smarter. They don’t manage, or control their time but rather, they manage and control the events they perform during the time they have, or have been allotted.

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